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but but the three fingers represents the tryzub tho.

those are from independence in 91, I don’t think those people are neo-nazis

Look carefully again at the picture of the Ukrainian Waffen SS collaborator. He was not holding three fingers upright in the same way as shown in the Svoboda logo, and as the people campaigning for Ukrainian independence peacefully in the 1990’s. He was holding two fingers upright, the third finger clamped down to the palm, and one thumb out.

Like this:

Researchers have found that the symbolism of the three fingers is rooted  back in centuries - in pagan times. It was considered a symbol of fidelity.

The three fingers upright is simply a way of symbolism of freedom amongst Slavic people, at least amongst East Slavs. It does not symbolise the Tryzuby. This is why Svoboda took the sign for itself- its name translates as “Freedom”, though its policies are the exact opposite of freedom. Here is Dmitry Medvedev using a three fingers sign:

He is certainly not a neo-Nazi.

However, this article correctly addresses the fact that Svoboda does use a great deal of neo-nazi symbolism, and is pretty much a neo-nazi party at heart. Yet, the U.S supports them and the Western media tries to hide the obvious neo-nazi characteristics of the Svoboda party.

i’d like to add, the scouting movement uses that 3 finger salute…

(Source: xealsea, via solipsistictendencies)

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